As equestrians and horse-lovers alike, our team is dedicated to bringing you the best the Midwest has to offer through our magazine, The Midwest Equestrian. Whether you’re looking for information about trail rides, films, products or just what to do on a weekend, you can find it in The Midwest Equestrian.
Horses have a significant impact on the community here in the Midwest and we strive to bring you the latest information about all breeds and disciplines.
Our magazine is a complimentary magazine that is published quarterly.
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And Every Human Something to Learn
Janice Fischer is a professional photographer, specializing in equine and animal photography. She launched The Midwest Equestrian in the Spring of 2018. Janice has an experienced and rich background in riding, training and photography. The Midwest Equestrian is a culmination of her love for horses and photography. Janice was aware that there was a void in the Midwestern horse community, a source that compiles equine-related events, trails and more. She strives to fill that void.
Janice has a draft cross, Ruby, who is one of her favorite models, and a miniature Shetland Pony, Shugs. She loves to train her horses and educate herself on anything that is equine related.
We at The Midwest Equestrian are fellow horse enthusiasts aiming to bring you the latest news about equine activities, products and services available in the Midwest.
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